Most-visited stories of 2023

As I mentioned last week, I published 52 stories and sketches in 2023.

Here are the ones with the most views (in descending order).

  1. Seven principles to simplify email
  2. Easier replaced than fixed
  3. A great temporal landmark
  4. Live 100: Celebrating a hundred live streams
  5. An infinite canvas
  6. Food and happiness
  7. The broken faucet
  8. Something else
  9. Daily writing vs daily blogging
  10. Black and white boxes
  11. Looking for answers
  12. Transcripts will be commonplace
  13. Off the hook
  14. Blogging daily in 2022
  15. For the sake of doing
  16. AI and a text prompt
  17. Five quick minutes
  18. What's slowing you down?
  19. The second mistake
  20. Practice and outcome

Something else, Impatience, AI misses the point, and Sunset at Point Reyes are among my favorites.

What stories did you enjoy the most?

January 2, 2024
Nono Martínez Alonso

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