Will new tools make your content any better?

All you need to start a podcast or a YouTube channel is entry-point equipment to begin recording and releasing content. Buying a new microphone (e.g., Audio-Technica ATR2100x), vlogging camera (e.g., Sony ZV-E10), or camera mount (e.g., Elgato Mount) won't make the content any better. Better sound, video quality, and production value? Sure. But not much more than that. You'll still need to create and edit content.

I produce a lot of material. Yet, I feel the need to create with more structure, plan, define a clear agenda, establish publishing protocols, develop editing and post-processing workflows, collaborate with other professionals, and put more time into editorial content creation.

I need to filter, select, write, research, and have a clear idea about what I want to talk about, teach, discuss, and the questions I want to cover—to fight the resistance, stop complaining and hiding behind the process, and focus on the content.

That—and not new gadgets—is what will make my content more valuable, more listened to, watched, read, and, most importantly, beneficial to my audience. In turn, people may come back for more and get something meaningful.

I want to share what's on my mind, learn, and teach my learnings through a consistent message and a constant publication flow. After all, that's the type of content I like to consume.

October 12, 2021
Nono Martínez Alonso

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