Digital art, black boxes, live streaming, and more

Hi, there! Today I want to share a few things that went live recently.

On the podcast.

I released a new episode with Aziz Barbar on non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and digital art. You can listen here.

I know very little about the fast-moving world of digital currencies and the new age of digital art, and these byte-sized episodes are an attempt for us to catch up with the latest developments. I intend to publish essays on the topic to share my findings.

While everyone's wondering whether the representation of ownership of digital creations with tokens is a bubble, events such as the 69-million dollar sale of Mike Winkelmann's body of work—@beeple_crap—in an auction by Christie's significantly contribute to the validation of this piece of technology.

A future episode with Aziz will discuss the role of black-box algorithms in our culture.

On the live stream.

Last week, I hosted two live events on YouTube to record a two-part podcast celebrating One Year of Live Streams, to be released soon. The first part features audience questions regarding the evolution of the live stream after a year of weekly streams. The second is a follow-up conversation with Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo on our experience coding live.


Lastly, Jose Luis invited Andrew Heumann to his Introduction to Computational Design class (GSD-6638) at the Harvard GSD to give a guest lecture on Architectural Automation & Augmentation. You can watch here.

October 19, 2021
Nono Martínez Alonso

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