Hello, June

When I came back to Spain from the US almost two years ago, I was surprised to see people wandering around even on Tuesday afternoons in the month of February.

It isn't high season. It isn't the weekend. I thought to myself. I guess it'd be this way for ever.

The streets were full of people, among them (some) locals and (many) foreigners, (most) of the latter ones tourists back them.

Today, walking by the beach, in good company, feeling the water on my feet, I was surprised by the amount of foreigners that live in Málaga or spent the quarantine here, in heaven.

I had never seen the coast as full of people walking, exercising, biking, and talking to their loved ones as these days, and we might not see it again unless we get ourselves into a similar pandemic (or, more likely, in another unexpected series of events we can't even imagine).

Until then, I invite you to enjoy your current city.

Get to know how you and other locals like to navigate the places around you.

In Málaga, days keep getting longer and longer, and the fact that people can only sit outside at restaurants makes the city feel even more alive than when things were "normal."

I feel lucky to be where I am.

Hello, June!

June 2, 2020
Nono Martínez Alonso

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