Work or walk?

Last week, I talked about repetition, automation, organization, and disconnection.

Ever since I started the podcast, I've had to prepare, manually, multiple texts in order to release each episode in various podcast providers—Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast—on the Getting Simple website, and on the newsletter.

Each text was slightly different and editing them by hand wasn't pleasing. I've released dozens of episodes this way.

I've completed a round of code edits I've been working on over the past months to automate most of the tedious work required each time I publish a new episode, and released a new podcast page layout and audio player.1

Behind the scenes, I have individual text boxes for each component of the episode notes, including the episode summary, description, links, credits, release date, duration, and more.

I can now create new episodes with ease and preview the content that will show up on podcast providers, the website, and the newsletter, with the satisfaction of having made it possible on my own instead of relying on other platforms.

After more than thirty episodes, repetition removed friction from my podcast-releasing workflow. Yet I won't ever be faster than an automatic system that apart from freeing my time reduces potential human error.

The system I have in place makes my entire episode library highly organized, helping me focus on new content and reducing stress.

Altogether, automated systems such as this one can let us disconnect and reclaim time to be humans.

Whether you continue working or go for a walk in the time you get back is on you.

  1. Even though this new layout works on mobile it shines the most on large screens. 

July 21, 2020
Nono Martínez Alonso

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