Pedro & Isa's Butcher Shop

As soon as I stopped by his butcher stand, Pedro hooked me.

Just one minute away from home, I was wondering around Atarazanas Market on a Monday morning for a quick disconnection from the screen when I discovered Pedro & Isa's modest butcher shop at stall 166–167.

As I stared at their home-made burgers, Pedro offered to prepare whatever burger mix and weight I wanted.

I ended up buying three two-hundred-gram burgers: Chicken with spinach; beef with goose foie; and beef cheek with onion. They tasted awesome. As I handed Pedro 6.50 euros, he mesmerized me with his kind marketing copy: You call us. You choose what, how, when, and how much you want. And I prepare it for you. I do this for restaurants all the time. A fully customized service just one minute away from home.

As every other Monday, the odds were in Pedro's favor. All fish stands close on Mondays, so you either buy fruit, vegetables, or meat. But no fish. And this is probably why I paid attention to his burgers that morning.

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