No more automated tweets

Twitter is making it expensive for third-party services to post automated tweets. A hundred dollars a month for hobbyists, $5,000 for "startups scaling their business," and around $42,000 for "businesses and scaled commercial projects."1

This means that apps like Tweetbot—a superb iPhone Twitter client—are going away, and services like Zapier—the automation service—will no longer be able to send updates to Twitter accounts.

It's hard for me to know how many people my content reaches through social media, and I recently thought I'd try to minimize my automatic updates in favor of something different: centralized updates on my newsletter at Sketch.Nono.MA or Substack.

While it's convenient to have posts automatically shared on social media every Tuesday, it feels noisy. I may reclaim the attention of my social media accounts for more special updates.

What do you think? How do you often get to read my posts, and what do you think is the best publication strategy?

P.S. Someday, I'll tell you a story about the seagull in today's sketch.

  1. Twitter introduces a new $5,000-per-month API tier. TechCrunch. Accessed Aug 28, 2023. 

August 29, 2023
Nono Martínez Alonso

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