My weekly post

I'm writing more than ever, but I still find it hard to hit my Tuesday posts' deadline.

I guess I'm lazy.

To me, the draft is playful and fun, but polishing for publication can be hard work.

I think I'm good at generating new ideas, consistently adding new post drafts to my to-do list.

Ever postponing the editing work, I would often publish new pieces—written from scratch—instead of editing existing drafts.

But there's no way out: it makes little to no sense to publish drafts, and I try to come back to the posts I've already started (which tend to become some of my best stories).

The important thing is to move forward; To practice daily, ship a new story every Tuesday, and enjoy how writing and publishing get easier, week by week.

In future posts, I'll share the tools and techniques that help me write more and better and the planning methods I'm experimenting with to consistently writing and publishing my weekly story.

December 1, 2020
Nono Martínez Alonso

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