Commissions may be earned

You may wonder why some sites help us save by waiting or lead us to buy without the need to.

Online stores like Amazon, Best Buy, or B&H offer so-called affiliate programs, in which websites and social media channels earn a sales commission on eligible purchases they link from their content.

Here's how it works on Amazon.

You add an affiliate tag1 to your product links, and Amazon tracks purchases made by customers from your links. This way, you may get ~1–10% commission for eligible purchases within twenty-four hours of the link click.2 In affiliate marketing jargon, visitors you send to Amazon are referrals.

And that's why many websites display the following notice.

Commissions may be earned from the links below.

  1. Here's a sample affiliate link with my affiliate tag nonoma-20 (, which associates eligible purchases made through that link to my account. 

  2. Eligible purchases include any products in the affiliates program, not only those you linked to. If you are linking to a photo camera, your commission may come from the visitor buying camera lenses or even home cleaning products. Amazon wants you to bring customers to their store. 

June 25, 2024
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