Bits of advice from Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly celebrated his 68th birthday gifting his children 68 bits of advice he wished he had gotten when he was their age. Every birthday after that, he added more bits of advice for them, and ended publishing a whole book of bits titled Excellent Advice for Living.1

Recently, he published 101 additional advices. Here are a few I loved.

Whenever you hug someone, be the last to let go.

You can become the world's best in something primarily by caring more about it than anyone else.

Once a month take a different route home, enter your house by a different door, and sit in a different chair at dinner. No ruts.

There should be at least one thing in your life you enjoy despite being no good at ti. This is your playtime, which will keep you young. Never apologize for it.

The patience you need for big things is developed by your patience with the little things.

When you find yourself procrastinating, don't resist. Instead lean into it. Procrastinate 100%. Try to do absolutely nothing for 5 minutes. Make it your job. You'll fail. After 5 minutes, you'll be ready and eager to work.

The most common mistake we make is to do a great job on an unimportant task.

Tol tell a good story, you must reveal a surprise; otherwise it is just a report.

You can read them all here.

  1. The Technium: 101 Additional Advices. Kevin Kelly. April 18, 2024. 

May 7, 2024
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