Announcing events on Luma

Last week, I tested Luma for a podcast release. Luma is a platform for people to register for your events (for free or with paid tickets). Although I started using the platform to schedule my live streams a few months ago, this was the first time I used it for the podcast.

I was gathering interest for an incoming podcast release that would take place on YouTube in the form of a scheduled premiere, as YouTube calls uploaded videos scheduled to stream for the first time. During the video premiere, your audience can participate in the chat as the video plays, which, in our case, allowed listeners to ask questions to our latest guest, Andy Payne. After the video "premieres," it will be available on YouTube like any other on-demand video you upload. The gist is that, during the premiere, everyone watches the video simultaneously as if it were a live event.

Luma will remind your attendees when the event occurs in their timezone one day before and one hour before, sending them the link and instructions you set up.

Upon registration to an event, attendees have to enter their name and email, which allows you to invite them to similar events in the future or to reach out to them directly, for instance, when new content related to the episode they signed up for is available, i.e., the audio version of the podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

You can change the location link of the event so that attendees will receive it when the event is about to happen. If you change your mind before the event, you can direct users to a different platform (say, Twitch or Riverside). If that were to happen and you've directed users to YouTube, you can do nothing.

I shared the Luma link on a LinkedIn post, a tweet, and this newsletter and got twenty-two sign-ups from people I don't know, which isn't bad.

People can subscribe to you on Luma to get notified about future events you schedule. (Here's my Luma profile.) It's a great alternative to newsletters to capture interest in specific events. People may not be willing to sign up for your newsletter, but they might for the events they want to attend.

April 2, 2024
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